Using Analytics and Creating Intelligence in
"The Cloud " Survey

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A. Understanding Analytical Usage          
How important are quantitative measurements or analytics for:
a. For your department / division?
b. For your enterprise / company?
How effective do you believe your measurements or analytics are:
a. For your department / division?
b. For your enterprise / company?
Do you believe your existing measurement or analytical approaches:
a. Lead to effective decision making?
b. Lead to greater business insights?
c. Provides predictive intelligence?
d. Advances strategic goals and objectives?
e. Promotes collaboration?
How important are analytical data from the following sources:
a. Spreadsheets?
b. Application systems?
c. Dashboards / analytical systems?
d. Third-party sources (i.e., data not originated within the organization)?
e. Data warehouses / data marts?
Is cloud computing, in its various forms, important:          
a. For delivery of application / business functionality?
b. For regulatory compliance or reporting?
c. For consumers / customers?
d. For IT provisioning?
e. For risk mitigation?
f. For ROI / cost efficiencies?
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