Intelli-Mine, Inc. and Innovative Relevance® Form Partnership

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Intelli-Mine, Inc. and Innovative Relevance® Form Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive Analytic Products and Services


August 18, 2009

Newport Beach, CA - Intelli-Mine, Inc., a market leader in analytical decisioning software, announces today that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Innovative Relevance®, a widely published business consulting and strategy firm, to deliver end-to-end analytical roadmaps, relevant KPI’s (key performance indicators), and adaptable quantitative measurement systems for large and mid-tier finance and mortgage organizations. The partnership will provide comprehensive analytic and decision intelligence capabilities using Intelli-Mine’s products and Innovative Relevance’s® services.


“By using the products we have developed over the last 10 years as the foundation for operational performance and prediction, the Intelli-mine and Innovative Relevance® partnership will deliver to existing clients and prospects superior ROI and quantitative insights previously unattainable,” say Anil Suri, President of Intelli-Mine. “Innovative Relevance® provides unmatched leadership and guidance not only in its published materials, but by having very significant global experience with markets, economics, and supply chains across multiple industries. They are the trusted advisor for many executives and organizational teams. By combining their considerable services with Intelli-Mine products, we can shorten implementation cycles, anticipate market reactions, while building procedural consistency into the most challenging of organizational demands – risks, regulatory compliance, performance management, cloud computing, and cost containment.”


“Using analytics and creating intelligence is more than a slogan -- it is a growing realization for many executives that historical business intelligence and dashboards technologies failed during the worst crisis in nearly 80 years,” says Mark P. Dangelo, Managing Principal of Innovative Relevance®. “Our partnership with Intelli-Mine allows our consultants to not only define the path forward, but to ensure that it gets delivered using the best product offerings available. Intelli-Mine has continued to compile, analyze and present data in easy-to-comprehend visual views via a web-based system complete with alerts, extensive KPI libraries, and customized reports. The value of augmenting rapidly implemented and adaptable analytical products with our services creates a one-stop offering with accountability for results. Analytics for decision making now requires proactively integrating layers of complex data that once seemed implausible. The partnering with Intelli-Mine creates innovative business synergies for clients striving to secure a profitable future.”


About Intelli-Mine Inc.

Founded in 1999, Intelli-Mine, delivers software and services that help companies drive, monitor and understand corporate performance. Intelli-Mine delivers and helps organizations gain competitive advantage achieved through the strategic application of Business Intelligence on an enterprise scale. Our integrated Mortgage Performance Management solution helps customers drive performance through planning; monitor performance through score carding; and understand performance through business intelligence. Our product line includes: 1) Intelli-Mortgage™, Intelli-Funding™, Intelli-Servicing™, and Intelli-Commissions™ – performance management and risk management solutions for the mortgage bankers. For more information, visit the Intelli-Mine Web site at or contact us at


About Innovative Relevance®

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Innovative Relevance® is an established international business and technology consulting, research, and outsourcing firm. Founded in 1995, Innovative Relevance® provides strategy, analytics, and process solutions that have been built upon cross-domain experiences within the mortgage, finance, banking, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. Innovative Relevance® is committed to bringing measurable concrete business and technological benefits to organizations by utilizing an open framework for sustaining profits, advancements, and change. Supported by exceptional published insights in articles, reports, and books, Innovative Relevance® has advised hundreds of clients in over 20 countries. For more information, please visit or contact us at