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Provides out of the box insights from the following subject areas: a) Pipeline performance, 2) Conditions, 3) Fallout, 4) Financial Insights, and 5) Employee and process Productivity metrics. The subject areas provide you with compelling dashboards using a range of analytical and visualization techniques. Intelli-Mortgage’s combines the visualization and powerful analytical engine capabilities to produce amazing insights that provide you with a multidimensional view of you of your data.



The product provides you details for all levels of your organization – Corporate, Regional, Branch, LO and all the way to the loan level.  

    • Accounting – Cost of Loan, Profit/Loan, Top 5 Expense categories, Income Categories, profitability by Region, Branch, Loan Officer, Product, and Channel

    • Pipeline – KPIs Originations, fundings, time comparison, by channel, by loan type, region, branch, loan officer and by loan type.

    • How many resources do I need for this Month’s production?

    • Paretto Analysis – Employees, Processes, Products, Processes and Profits.

    • How am I performing against my budgets?

    • Who are the top producing LOs – Segmentation ranking and grouping of Loan Officers

    • Pipeline Quality – FICO, DTI, Term and Coupon over time and trend

    • Influencers on pipeline, loan cost/profit, fallout, turn times and conditions

    • Predict originations, fundings in the future based on external data (GDP, 10-year treasury)

    • What if scenarios – the impact of a natural disaster, drop in Interest rate, GDP, Tariffs

    • What makes sense – adding 10 more employees, spend money on marketing or opening a new branch  

The following key functionality is available thru out the product, which provides stunning insights within your data.

  1. Natural Query Language  (Q & A) - Ask questions using natural language with - Get the charts and graphs you want as your desired answer.

  2. Quick Insights (Service runs the trends and patterns within the data) – identifies, trends and patterns, outliers, and identifies the data inconsistencies

  3. Mobile dashboards – Collaboration/Comment capability  

  4. Proactive Alerts & Collaboration/comment capability on each and every finding/insight


All your employees will be empowered to Create Stunning Interactive insights within Seconds


Data is center stage and a driver of success – We bring out the details from the data to life in a single view and help accelerate the decision making process in your organization.

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