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Predict Origination with Confidence

Data is center stage and a driver of success. We uncover and display the answers buried in your data in a single view and help accelerate the decision making process in your organization.

Intelli-Mortgage combines powerful analytical engine and visualization capabilities to produce out of the box insights that provide multidimensional view of the following subject areas:

  1. Pipeline Performance

  2. Conditions

  3. Fallout

  4. Financial Insights

  5. Employee and Process Productivity metrics

The product provides you detailed insights into all levels of your organization – Corporate, Regional, Branch, LO and all the way down to the loan level. It allows the users to dig deeper into the data and find patterns that may have otherwise been missed, leading to actionable insights. We provide features like quick measures, grouping, forecasting, and clustering for enhanced decision making. 

These are some of the answers and insights that Intelli-Mortgage provides:

  •  For accounting: cost of loan, profit by loan, top 5 expense categories, income by categories, profitability by region/ branch/ loan officer, product and channel.

  • For pipeline analysis: KPIs originations, fundings, time comparison, by channel, by loan type, region, branch, loan officer and by loan type.

  • How many resources do I need for this month’s production?

  • Paretto analysis: employees, processes, products and profits.

  • How am I performing against my budgets?

  • Who are the top producing LOs: segmentation ranking and grouping of loan officers

  • Pipeline quality analysis: FICO, DTI, term and coupon over time and trend

  • Influencers on pipeline, loan cost/profit, fallout, turn times and conditions

  • Predict originations, fundings in the future based on external data (GDP, 10 year treasury)

  • What if scenarios: impact of a natural disasters, drop in interest rate, GDP, tariff changes

  • Other ad hoc decision making, e.g. adding 10 more employees, spending money on marketing or opening a new branch 

The following key functionality is available throughout the product:

  1. Natural Query Language  (Q & A) : Ask questions using natural language with, get the charts and graphs you want as your desired answer.

  2. Quick Insights (Service runs the trends and patterns with in the data) : Identifies, trends and patterns, outliers, and identifies data inconsistencies.

  3. Mobile dashboards: Collaboration/comment capability. 

  4. Proactive alerts & collaboration/comment capability on each and every finding.

With Intelli-Mortgage all your employees will be empowered to create stunning interactive insights within seconds!

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