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Click here to read about how Intelli-Mortgage enables confident decision making.

Intelli-Mine Inc. is a leading provider of data and analytics solutions that facilitate the entire life cycle of mortgage loan. We accomplish this by leveraging best-in-breed technologies. At the forefront of our product suite is artificial intelligence, or AI, which includes machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and neural networks for our models along with the business intelligence toolset.


Intelli-Mine is committed to providing clients with best-in-class insights and lead them to make confident decisions. We help clients achieve their strategic goals – improving personal/process efficiencies, lowering costs, increasing volume, managing by exceptions and support the audit and compliance functions. We partner with you on the DATA 2 DECISION journey.

According to Richard Foster from Yale, the S&P 500’s average age of a company since 1959 was about 58 years. In 2019 it down to 15 and Foster predicts it is going to be 12 years by 2020. For most organizations 30% of the data is outside the four walls; 20-25% resides in individual/personal excel sheets. 


Intelli-Mine's solution pulls data from all these siloed locations and provides a centralized analytical hub that provides your organization advanced decision making capabilities.

Data is the lifeblood of any organization – We help clients thru the data ingestion to curation and discovery by:

1) Access to data details on-Prem, Cloud, and 100+ social media and SaaS module connectors. 

2) Provide the answers to the key issues and lead them to thru the decision-making process.

3) Full 360-degree view of the data with one version of the truth. We help clients live and breathe data.

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